Emma Stone Reveals The Secret To A Good Cry On SNL

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Emma Stone returned to Saturday Night Live last night for her second turn as host. Stone did her part, gamely committing to everything they gave her, but she just wasn't handed much to work with. It was an uneven episode, but the real standout was a sketch in which Stone, Nassim Pedrad, and Kristen Wiig play coworkers who know that listening to Adele's "Someone Like You" is the best way bring on a good cry. Which, hello, yes, thank you! The clip isn't online, but you can watch it here at the 52:09 mark.


Another funny moment was "Technology Hump," a show hosted by Stone and Andy Samberg that lets you watch electronic gadgets get it on—in case you've always wondered what an iPad looks like in a thong or wanted to see a Droid get porked by a zoom lens.

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Can we start a thread right here right now where we list the top 50 sobbing songs?

Adele never did it for me but Paddy Griffith's 'Let Him Fly' used to, during my worst breakup ever at age 22 I remember snotting and sobbing to that song on repeat (first intense love left me for a friend of mine after two years, horrible stuff). And then that same year Jessica Simpson divorced Nick Lachey and tried to cover that song on an MTV performance and started weeping in the middle of it - my flatmates we like "well you've got something in common with Jessica Simpson!" .

I wanna hear yours! Then make a playlist next time I need to mope...