Emily Blunt's Pregnancy Might 'Play Into Her Decision' to Play Mary Poppins

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Emily Blunt, who may or may not be a very interesting panelist at BronyCon 2017, might be set to star in the new Mary Poppins sequel—barring the fact that her pregnancy may or may not gel with the production schedule.


Variety reported that the actress is currently in talks with producers John DeLuca and Marc Platt, who Blunt met while filming Into The Woods, about playing the film’s titular character. While it seems like Blunt—a person no one realized is a Julie Andrews doppelganger until five minutes ago on Twitter—is the production’s first pick, “news recently broke that [she is] expecting her second child, and that may play into her decision.”

For fans invested in seeing Blunt singing about spooning placebos to children while flying in the air with a broken umbrella, the production schedule is apparently not set in stone.

While LA Magazine noted in a 2014 article that TV actresses like Kerry Washington, Kristen Bell, and Claire Danes are a few examples of women who were able to continue working while carrying around a tiny human-to-be, the same hasn’t necessarily been so for the movie scene. Due to the tightly-packed nature of a typical film schedule—and the funding that goes into production—going over a set parameter of time can have some major unwanted costs. If a workaround can be found, great, and if not, then there’s always another casting choice.

As for who else could possibly play that singing British babysitter? Back when rumors of a Mary Poppins sequel first cropped up in 2015, professional Stefon impersonator Anne Hathaway, who Blunt was once very mean to in The Devil Loves Prada but is friends with IRL, was also in contention for the part.

But even Anne was quoted as saying her former co-star might be more well-suited for the role, mostly because “she’s British.”


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