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Game of Thrones, a silly show about slow-moving, power-hungry dopes that I sort of hate but continue watching because I’ve spent far too much time to quit now, contains a lot of female nudity. Whether wandering in the back of a frame while two men drink wine, or shot in a lingering close-up beside a fully-clothed man, the odds of seeing an unclothed woman in a sexual context are fairly high in any given episode.


One of the show’s stars, Emilia Clarke (the Mother of Dragons or whatever), is bothered by this. In an interview with Glamour, she said:

“I want to see Daenerys and her three dragons share the throne. Eat goat they’ve barbecued. And bring back all the pretty boys, get them to take their trousers down, and be like, ‘I’m now the queen of everything! I’d like close-ups of all the boys’ penises, please.’”


Though I agree that it would be nice if Game of Thrones rewarded its patient and diverse audience with nudity that is equally distributed across the sexes, I think it’s honestly the least of the show’s problems. Before tackling the equal opportunity nudity, I’d prefer it if co-creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss would consider giving me 10-hour seasons of television that contain more than 2.5 hours of compelling content. Because, as someone who has no interest in reading the books, I view every season of the show as three-ish great episodes hidden among seven frustratingly dull ones.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be mad if Jon Snow (or his ghost) were completely naked all season long. Keep on preaching, Emilia.

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