EMERGENCY! New Janet Jackson Song, 'No Sleeep,' Is Out, Is Great!

Janet Jackson Unbreakable tour tickets went on sale today, and as a motivator, the god Miss Jackson dropped her first song in seven years, “No Sleeep,” which she dedicated on Twitter to “My Love,” husband Wissam Al Mana, a gazillionaire from Qatar.


It’s a perfect Janet comeback single, really; it’s nothing too outré, and she is as ever sticking to her oeuvre, never trying too hard to sound “relevant” in the context of today’s popular youth music because bitch, she’s Janet. Then again, give credit for the Janet Jackson-Jimmy Jam-Terry Lewis power trio for creating a sound for the willowy-voiced star that is both unique to her and classic through time. “No Sleeep” makes great use of her lithe vocals, the breathiness as ever connoting an intimacy over a rain-infused two-stepping slow jam, a love-making number whose sound you can trace all the way back to “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun),” through the Velvet Rope years, past Damita Jo and squarely into 2015 flawlessly. This is lovely and the no-doubt 16,000 house reworks that show up on Soundcloud (RIP) today will absolutely not be able to top it.

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God, there’s just something ... wonderful about Janet’s voice. Her music for me is generally ‘blast while raining’ music. Glad to have her back.