Elsa is a kitten who was found on the streets of Denver, at death's door and practically frozen through. (Hence her name.) But today she's healthy, happy and newly settled into a permanent home.

The kitten was brought into the Denver Dumb Friends League animal shelter in November, ABC News reports, so cold her body temperature didn't register on the thermometer. They weren't sure she was alive. "You could sort of feel the cold coming off her," said vet Kasey Carter. It took pretty extreme measures to save her:

Staff members pulled out hair dryers to warm the kitten's fur and placed her in heating pads with mittens to warm her paws. They even injected her with warm IV fluids and wrapped her in a bear hugger, a blanket device with a tube that blows in warm air.

Well, KUSA has an update. Not only is Elsa feeling much better, she's been adopted by the man who was fostering her. "She was by far the sweetest kitten I've ever fostered," he said. Apparently she's in good hands: The man is the DDFL's volunteer of 2014, having fostered 70 animals in the last two years. Now that's the kind of dedication that gets you first in line for an Internet famous kitten.

This is your regular reminder that what you really need in your life is a shelter cat.


Screencap via 7News Denver.