Of course, celebrating Cheney’s defeat seems pretty at odds with Musk’s aforementioned self-identification as a moderate. Given Cheney’s record of staunch conservatism on nearly every issue, her loss transparently stemmed from the one common sense thing she’s ever done: leading congressional efforts to investigate Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Musk’s attendance at the event, surrounded by anti-Cheney Republicans who are either uninterested in holding Trump accountable or supportive of the insurrection itself, is pretty damning.


I don’t know who Musk thinks he’s fooling with his constant emphasis on being neither Democrat nor Republican. He’s a billionaire. He’s an enemy of labor laws; living wages; and maternity leave. If Musk goes to these lengths to mistreat his workers while also hosting “fireside chats” for insurrectionist sympathizers, he should just cut the bullshit, embrace his inner 4Chan user, and proudly tell the world he’s a Republican.