Ellen Wants Us All To Know She's Nice Now—And She Has The Subscription Box To Prove It

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In news that sounds fake but unfortunately isn’t, Ellen Degeneres has released the Fall edition of her “Be Kind” subscription box. That’s right, the talk show host who branded herself as the “nicest person on TV” but came under fire this summer after allegations surfaced that her show was a toxic environment where racism and sexual harassment were normalized is trying to remind everyone she’s “nice” using, once again.... a subscription box. The ironically-named box, which comes out four times a year, is valued at $270 but the Very Kind comedian is temporarily offering it to her devoted fans for just $54.99 (and another $15 off with a special discount code). Wow, she’s really laying on the “kindness” (read: self-promotion) thick here.

According to Degeneres, the box is “all about spreading kindness and highlights brands that do the same”... with products like eye masks and a “HOPE” necklace. This entire premise is so cringe-inducingly clueless it sounds like it could be a stolen Reductress pitch. But at the same time, is there anything more on-brand for a celebrity than to try to recover from a scandal by selling a very overpriced item to their fans (and giving it away to their other celebrity friends, of course)?

Nice try Ellen, but literally none of us are quite that dumb. [Page Six]

When you go to search for an Airbnb rental, do you find yourself picturing a 200-year-old Mediterranean-style revival with a hot tub that’s seen the same number of makeout sessions as a college frat house and rooms and rooms inexplicably full of bunk beds? Yes? Well then do I have the home for you!!!!


That’s right folks, since the pandemic has forced filming for the franchise to relocate, you—that’s right, YOU—can rent the Bachelor mansion (Chris Harrison not included) for $6,000 a night. What a STEAL!

The mansion, technically called Villa de la Vina, is located in Agoura Hills, California, and can allegedly comfortably house 13 guests (which makes it even more confusing that the contestants on The Bachelor are packed in like sardines). It has 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, a swimming pool, two hot tubs, a pool table, and hand-crafted furniture. You know, typical mansion stuff.

According to the Airbnb listing, “this 200-year-old Mediterranean-style revival house, with its one-of-a-kind pool and romantic archways, exudes the rich feeling of a picturesque hideaway with canyon, mountain and vineyard views.” Even with its canyon, mountain, AND vineyard views, I personally cannot imagine a more cursed place to spend an evening than a house filled with the ghosts of literally hundreds of fraught two-week-long TV romances.


Just don’t bring along your romantic partner—that sounds way too much like the set-up for a (potentially incredible?) comedy-horror flick to be worth the risk. [NY Post]

  • In news no one asked for, filming for a Friends reunion is officially scheduled for March. Because what show doesn’t need an 11th season? [Deadline]
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This post has been updated to reflect the frequency by which Ellen DeGeneres releases her “Be Kind” subscription boxes.

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I didn’t think subscription boxes were even still a thing. I was trying to figure out how she was selling a roku-like streaming box. But it’s a fucking birch box what the hell.