Ellen Starts Record Label; Gwen's Not Pregnant

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And guess who her first artist is? 12-year-old Greyson Chance, the super-talented, heartthrob-in-the-making "Paparazzi" boy. [New York Mag]

  • Breaking: Lindsay Lohan is blonde again. [Radar Online]
  • Aaron Carter on Lindsay Lohan's legal troubles: "She deserves it. I'm not gonna give any sympathy for somebody who makes mistakes. You need to take fault for your own actions in life." Jackass. [LA Times]
  • Tonight is Simon Cowell's last night as a judge on American Idol. Paula Adbul may make an appearance as we all say goodbye to the "mean" one, who is actually always right and the only one with a discerning ear, good taste and the chutzpah to be blunt when something is, as he says, "utterly dreadful." [NY Post]
  • John Travolta and Kelly Preston aren't just having one "miracle baby," but two: She's pregnant with twin boys. [Star]
  • Did Common and Serena Williams break up? [Page Six]
  • Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz: Being photographed as a couple. In public. …Now that his divorce is final. [Daily Mail]
  • Michael Douglas gave a speech at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Chaplin Awards, and thanked his wife and their two children — but made o mention of troubled son Cameron. [Gatecrasher]
  • Are you Team Aidan, Team Big, or Team Who Gives A Shit? [Gatecrasher]
  • Conan O'Brien has sold his NYC penthouse for $29.5 million, so he'll be moving to L.A. with a little cash. [Gatecrasher]
  • At the link: Charming stories about Courtney Love's bad behavior when visiting her daughter at a theater camp. [Page Six]
  • Nicole Scherzinger won Dancing With The Stars, which some of us stopped watching when Niecy Nash was kicked off. [Reuters]
  • Kate Gosselin made half a million bucks doing DWTS, BTW. Contestants get $100,000 per episode. [ONTD via Gather]
  • Sarah Ferguson would like to be on Dancing With The Stars. [NYDN
  • "Elton John will be the highlight of Morocco's biggest music festival despite calls by the country's main Islamist party to shelve the British singer because of his homosexuality." [AP]
  • Unsolicited Uterus Update: Gwen Stefani's rep says Gwen is not pregnant. [E!]
  • Rihanna's former trainer sued the singer last year for owing $26K in unpaid fees and travel expenses. Now Rihanna has filed a countersuit, claiming she fronted the trainer more than $24,000 — which was never paid back. [TMZ]
  • Sad: Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola has become the new outcast on Jersey Shore. [Radar Online]
  • FYI: The cast of Jersey Shore will be assigned their own police officers for protection while filming in Seaside Heights. [TMZ]
  • Jesse James tells ABC's Nightline that his father was emotionally and physically abusive. He says that his life has been "a huge smoke screen so people won't see I'm a scared abused kid, a 7 year old." He also says: "I don't think I have a sex addiction where I'm running around trying to have sex with everyone and can't stop. I think I do things to sabotage my life." And Sandra Bullock had suspicions about him cheating, but: "I lied, and lied my way out of it. I lied to everyone about everything, even to myself." [CBS News]
  • Jesse James' ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, has filed papers asking for joint custody of their daughter, Sunny. [Access Hollywood]
  • Jesse James says he does not want to get divorced. He says he still loves Sandra. He says his father beat him and broke his arm when he was seven. And he say: "There isn't a racist bone in my body." [TMZ]
  • Tiger Woods is building a fancy new "lair," which will include an oxygen-therapy room, a practice golf course and four, yes, four swimming pools. Some of us are just trying to pay rent over here. [NY Post
  • Kendra's sex tape: Out today. And despite what the tabloids claim, a friend says that the tape has not had a negative effect on Kendra and Hank Baskett's marriage. "This happened when she was young. He already knew about this. She told him about this before they got married." [Radar Online]
  • Dennis Quaid plays Bill Clinton in the HBO film The Special Relationship, and says of Bubba: "We're all flawed in one way or another. What I thought was incredibly amazing was that he was able to get through that and still go on to really have a viable presidency. That's a huge accomplishment really. I remember when the Lewinsky scandal first came up, pundits on television were saying he was going to be resigning in 36 hours." Quaid actually hung out with Clinton for a while, back in 1999, and says: "He was just a great guy. And the smartest man I've ever met. Very quick-witted. Generous spirit." [The Daily Beast]
  • Mindy McCready swallowed a near-lethal dose of prescription pills in a failed suicide attempt. Her mother says: "Mindy told the 911 people that she absolutely didn't care if she lost her life. My daughter is very, very sick." [Radar Online]
  • Mindy McCready's mom now admits that Mindy has tried to kill herself 12 or 13 times. [Radar Online]
  • Law & Order is over, and it is not coming back on TNT. [NY Post]
  • Curiouser and curiouser! Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland comes out on DVD next week — put the film is already just about to hit the $1 billion mark in terms of worldwide theater ticket sales. It's been number one in Japan for six weeks straight! [Variety]
  • Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has been to rehab seven times in the last thirty years, but now says he has been clean for 60 days. [Telegraph]
  • The gold-filled pocket watch James Dean wore in East Of Eden is being auctioned. Apparently the watch was almost sold once before, and Morrissey's manager bought it for him as a surprise. Except Morrissey found out, and the sale didn't go through. [Telegraph]
  • Opening in New York: A play called My Big Gay Italian Wedding, starring Amazing Race–star-turned–Lance Bass's-ex Reichen Lehmkuh, and produced by Dina Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. [Michael Musto]
  • The good news? Dennis Hopper — who has been battling cancer and his ex-wife - is getting a retrospective of his paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. The bad news" He doesn't look so great in this picture. [Page Six]
  • "Singer Walter Williams from R&B group The O'Jays seemed to have a charmed life, but for nearly three decades he kept a secret from his fans — he was suffering from multiple sclerosis." [Reuters]
  • Q: I heard from someone you had a club. Can you tell me about the Face Club? Tony Curtis: "Yeah, I was a member of the Face Men of America. Sammy Davis, me, Frank Sinatra was an honorary member." What were the membership requirements for the Face Men? "Well, going down on somebody." How did you prove it to the guys? "You pick out the girl, and if you had that experience, you detailed it in your conversation. Sammy, you see, he had to do it. He was inadequate." What do you mean? "He was a tiny little guy." Even in his schvanz?"Yes, right. Tiny little guy and he had to make up for the difference between prick and penis." [GQ]
  • "Even now and then in an airport, I'll hear somebody yell out, 'I am Spartacus!' And I just piss in my pants. That is the funniest thing ever, that someone would have the chutzpah to do that, you know?" — Tony Curtis. [GQ]
  • "I'm a motherfucker you can trust. I used to save my buddies from terrible beatings, I would take their spot because I was faster. I shouldn't be talking this way." — Tony Curtis. [GQ]
  • "We start our show and finish our show, and the best moments aren't interrupted by a commercial for toothpaste. Plus, in real life, F-bombs are dropped. Things [like nudity] aren't just inferred. And I'm working for Steven Spielberg and Diablo Cody. I guess if they went to the networks, then maybe I could do it, but I'm spoiled." — United States Of Tara star John Corbett wouldn't want to do a network TV show. [NYDN]
  • "I wouldn't have another child because the world is already too overpopulated but I might adopt one." — Heather Mills. [Daily Express]
  • "We want to be able to do things that are a little subversive and something that a studio would be less willing to do… As I've gotten older, I've become attracted to things that have substance." — Sean William Scott, aka Stifler, who has formed a production company which will make edgy films. [Reuters]
  • "For a while I thought that to be a skilled actor you had to do things that were torturous. Now I feel more like having fun and enjoying myself." — Jake Gyllenhaal, on doing Prince Of Persia. [USA Today]
  • "Maybe that's why I love couches." — Barbra Streisand says her family couldn't afford a couch when she was a child. Now she has a home decor book. [USA Today]
  • "I can't talk about Gaga anymore. All I'll say is, it's upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they're calling her name… You can't really say that Gaga is culturally a change. Madonna was truly unique. Madonna is the one. She did amazing songs. She had an amazing sense of style, without a stylist. And she was flawed, and sometimes she admitted it. I'll fight the fight for Madonna. I think she should send me some chocolates or something to thank me." — M.I.A. [ONTD via NY Times]



Of course Nicole Scherzinger won DWTS. She is a trained dancer. Why was she even allowed on the show in the first place? Never seemed fair to me.