Ellen DeGeneres Thinks Same-Sex Dancing Is "Weird"

Illustration for article titled Ellen DeGeneres Thinks Same-Sex Dancing Is Weird

Ellen DeGeneres isn't all that excited about Dancing With the Stars' featuring same-sex dancing couples. Uh-oh: Looks like DeGeneres's wife Portia de Rossi, who says she'd like to be on the show, might have to find a partner elsewhere.


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I'm guessing that it's internalized homophobia. I have felt stupid when I dated women and danced with them in formal environments (well stupider) and I know that's what it was. You spend an entire lifetime seeing a default male/female pairing that is supported by the culture so deeply, it makes sense that it feels weird to see anything else. I think it's too bad but it's hard to shake off cultural mandates, no matter how confident you are and that kind of internalized stuff pops up in the weirdest places.