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Ellen Barkin became the badass heroine of her own life story on Wednesday morning when she prevented a burglar from breaking into her Manhattan apartment by sheer strength of body and mind.

The AP reports Barkin, who is currently starring as the matriarch of a crime family in the series Animal Kingdom, ā€œsaw a man on the balcony and held the door closed while he tried to push it in.ā€ The burglar, presumably fearing Barkinā€™s continued wrath, then fled the scene. (Iā€™m assuming the altercation sounded something like this.)


In a tweet published soon after the incident, Barkin claimed first responders from the NYPD arrived at her home in just ā€œ70 seconds,ā€ while Newsday reports detectives took a little longer, as they were ā€œassisting in the terror investigation on the West Side Highway.ā€