Ellen Barkin Stopped a 'Burglar' From Entering Her Home

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Ellen Barkin became the badass heroine of her own life story on Wednesday morning when she prevented a burglar from breaking into her Manhattan apartment by sheer strength of body and mind.

The AP reports Barkin, who is currently starring as the matriarch of a crime family in the series Animal Kingdom, “saw a man on the balcony and held the door closed while he tried to push it in.” The burglar, presumably fearing Barkin’s continued wrath, then fled the scene. (I’m assuming the altercation sounded something like this.)

In a tweet published soon after the incident, Barkin claimed first responders from the NYPD arrived at her home in just “70 seconds,” while Newsday reports detectives took a little longer, as they were “assisting in the terror investigation on the West Side Highway.”

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