Elizabeth Warren Terrifies Karl Rove

A group fronted by undifferentiated hate tissue Karl Rove is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into a televised ad campaign designed to smear Massachusetts Senate candidate and middle class folk hero Elizabeth Warren. This can only mean that Rove— and other conservatives— are shit-scared of her.


The ad's about as high minded as any political attack ad from either party; it relies on the fact that the American public is really bad at following up on facts and spends about 15 to 30 seconds trying to claim that the candidate that the ad is against is in favor of mass puppy genocide or has never officially declared that they're against having sex with your wife in front of your mom. This one implies that A) The Occupy Wall Street protests are universally violent and B) That Elizabeth Warren used her dirty pinko Harvard brain to will them into existence.

The Warren campaign responded by calling for donations from supporters to mount a campaign in response to the Rove-backed ad blitz. If they raise enough money, they'll be able to afford to hire Michael Bay, and the commercials will be three hours long, star a Victoria's Secret model with no acting experience, and feature Elizabeth Warren as a giant earth saving robot punching her way toward justice.

Karl Rove Attacking Elizabeth Warren [HuffPo]



That's a Michael Bay movie I might be excited to see.