Elizabeth Warren Is Not Running for President, Says Elizabeth Warren

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It's hard to read former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair's highly engaging interview with Senator Elizabeth Warren about the United States' current (dire) financial situation and not wish for a Warren presidency. Unfortunately, later on in the very same interview, the senator dashes our hopes of that ever happening—at least not in 2016.


Blair, an old friend and colleague of the senator, asks Warren point-blank if she plans on running.

So are you going to run for President?


And then:

What does the Democratic nominee need to do to win in 2016?

They need to speak to America's families about the economic crisis in this country. It starts with the recognition that Washington works for the rich and powerful and not for America's families. From there, it has to go into what changes we need to make, and that gets back to education, infrastructure, and research.


Sigh. That does sounds nice.

Do you think she'd turn the job down if we all put her down as a write-in candidate?

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Emma Golddigger

The best people never run for president. The very best people never even go into politics, they work in kosher delis and quietly put 15 people in a freezer to save them from terrorists without making a big song and dance about it.