Elizabeth Hasselbeck Needs To STFU About Ashley Judd, Abortion

Today on the View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck said that if Ashley Judd cares so much about wolves, she should talk about the "260,000 kids that are killed in abortions." Then she called Joy Behar a Socialist.

I mean, seriously, shut the fuck up, Hasselbeck. Ashley Judd, indeed, supports a woman's right to choose what she will do with her body, and she thinks running down wolves in planes and then shooting them so they suffer a slow death in order to allow gun-owners to have other animals to kill is a bad thing. Those are not only not opposing viewpoints, they're also not even remotely related concepts. If a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, she doesn't get a miniature airplane full of miniature assholes and send them flying up into her uterus, chasing down a cluster of cells trying desperately to escape. (On a completely unrelated note, what the fuck are you wearing? Please explain why you're dressed like a Pilgrim.)

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She's becoming more and more like Kristen Wiig's impression of her. And what a bufoon Hasselbeck is. She's a poor voice for what's left of the "conservative" moment, she needs to retire.