Elisabeth Hasselbeck's GMA Debut Is Adequate Enough

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Today in her first story for GMA, family and parenting correspondent Elisabeth Hasselbeck examined the budding trend of teens wanting tattoos. It's groundbreaking reportage, but the best part comes after the segment, when Elisabeth sasses George Stephanopoulos.


It's nothing compared to the eye-rolling and shrill freakouts we see every day on The View, but when Stephanopoulos prompts Hasselbeck to banter some more about the "serious medical concerns" about tattoos, she points out that she already covered that in the piece.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's GMA Debut Is Adequate Enough
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Otherwise, it's a perfectly sufficient start to her GMA career. Hasselbeck is surprisingly non-judgmental toward parents who escort their underage kids to the tattoo parlor. Plus, we're excited to learn that there's a new alternative for minors who want to get inked: this crazy invention called a "temporary tattoo."

Teens And Tattoos: Would You Let Your Teen Get Inked?[ABC]

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Rocket Queen

I got my tattoo when I was 15. That was 6 years ago. A growing trend, you say?