Elephant Nurses Best Dog Friend Back To Health

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When elephants retire to the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, it's common for them to befriend a fellow elephant. But one elephant, Tarra, has befriended a dog named Bella.


While most of the stray dogs that live on the sanctuary avoid the elephants, Tarra and Bella have been friends for years, eating, sleeping, and playing together. But the two proved how close they are recently when Bella suffered a spinal cord injury that left her unable to move her legs or even wag her tail. Tarra spent three weeks standing outside the sanctuary office where the dog lay motionless, until sanctuary co-founder Scott Blais carried the Bella to the balcony to see her friend. The dog's tail started wagging and Blais had the two he visit every day as Bella learned to walk again. Today, Bella has recovered and will even roll on her back to let Tarra pat her belly with her foot. [CBS News]

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Elephants are amazing animals. When I hear jerks say that animals do not feel or have emotions I just think of elephants and stories like this and others I have seen of elephants mourning their dead. Its fascinating