A lot of the shit kids say is dumb, like "We should eat marshmallows with every meal," and "Why doesn't everyone roll around on Heelys?" JK that shit is not dumb at all. Kids actually know what they're talking about, because no one has corrupted their innocent little child brains with the deep cynicism that watching hours upon hours of Keeping Up With The Kardashians breeds in grown people like you and me.

Point and case: Isabelle and Isabella, two California elementary-schoolers, have found fame and success by writing their brilliant child thoughts on paper. 10-year-old Isabelle Busath and her 8-year-old cousin Isabella Thordson wrote over 150 life rules that they kept in a small wire-bound notebook, but they lost it outside of a Walmart in their town last year. It wasn't until a Walmart employee found the book in January and went on a local news channel with it that the true authors of the book were identified. But with advice like, "No poking," "Don't color on people," and "Don't bite the dentist's fingers," Isabelle and Isabella were destined for more than just local fame.

Book publisher Simon & Schuster are publishing the book for the two girls, titled "Isabelle and Isabella's Little Book of Rules." They didn't quite understand that publishing their rule book wouldn't entail anything happening to the original, at first: "I was kinda mad," said Isabelle. "I didn't understand she said nothing's going to happen with your book and so I started getting excited."

Their book is due out in October, but the girls are still adding more rules to their guide to life. Isabelle and Isabella's most recent addition? "No pretending to drown." They are wise beyond their years

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