'Elders' React to Kim Kardashian's Ass Breaking the Internet

Kim Kardashian's naked ass on Paper Magazine may not have broken the Internet, but it is about to break the minds of some poor, sweet older people who volunteered to give their feedback about it.

In case you forget that the people in this video are older than 25, the graphics are done in old-timey silent movie title card style. Because as everyone knows if you weren't born in 1995, you are from the Stone Age.

Some of the men certainly enjoyed seeing a beautiful naked woman. Bill, a staunch Kardashian Ass Implant Truther declares"I've heard rumors about those kind of butts, but I've never seen one." Don, on the other hand gives zero fucks about such trivial, materialistic things. ""I'm in love, and it's the real thing this time!" Good luck, you two crazy kids.


Catherine, who somehow managed to acquire the Naming Hat from Harry Potter's sorting ceremony, wants nothing to do with Kardashian's ass, period, the end. She refuses to call her a "celebrity." She also believes the pics of Kardashian are "so Photoshopped."

"Do you want to see more?" the interviewer asks. "NO!" Catherine snaps. Catherine is my goddamn life hero. I would like officially request that she adopt me.

Laura also gives zero fucks. "To me, it's nothing much. It's just a girl without clothes." Basically, meh.

The interviewer also asked them about the controversy surrounding the original photos that inspired the shoot, which were pretty fucking racist. And yes, even our "elders" (eye roll because some of those people were barely in their 50s) agree, there is a double standard.

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I dunno, these 'elder' videos - the grannies smoking pot, these folks - always kind of annoy me on their very own, without the added irritant of a Kardashian as the topic. Yeah, older people are older, and sometimes they have no fucks left to give about the latest famewhore because, well, they've seen many more iterations of the same thing than the younger demographic, for who whom this is the Very First Time This Stuff Has EVER Happened.

It's fine for it to be the first time, it's fine to have neither clue nor interest in it, it's fine to still be interested in it even if you've seen it dozens of times before.

I cover this territory every time one of these pieces comes up, but I feel like by placing these older folks at arm's length as if their opinions must be completely different/hilariously out-of-touch - in particular the older women - we do them and ourselves a disservice. They are just us, or our parents, a few years farther into life.