Elaine Stritch Gives Nary a Fuck What People Think of Her Swearing

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Living American treasure Elaine Stritch caused exaggerated gasps of faux shock when she dropped an F-bomb in front of Hoda and Kathie Lee earlier this week. And when reporters asked her about the transgression, she confessed that she had not a single ounce of fuck to give.

Quoth perfection embodied, to US Weekly:

"What F-bomb? I don't know what the F-bomb is," she said. "I woke up the next morning and I was a very popular lady. I know how to rob a train." [...]

"If you got any confidence in yourself, you say what you think is appropriate and press on. Don't be ridiculous," she continued. "You know it's like a mystery thing on television right now. Can I say it? Can't I say it? It's like you're waiting for approval from the people with the money."


Elaine Stritch is my patronus.

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I say fuck a shit load. What fucking matters is the fucking context you fucking say it in. Like, fuck, I wouldn't fucking swear in front of the fucking elderly or children or some shit like that. But that's me. If someone is angrily shouting "FUCK YOU" to someone in a public space, than yeah, what the fuck is wrong with you, you fuck? Swear words can be "language enhancers" and in a conversation with good friends shouldn't be a big deal. It's about the consent of everyone involved to use swear words. The network censored Elaine, no children were harmed. Well, not anymore harmed than the reports about sexy valentines ideas or reports about gun violence.