Elaine Paige To Duet With Susan Boyle

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In happier news, everyone's favorite reality star, Susan Boyle, will have another dream come true when she performs a duet with her idol, Elaine Paige, who has suggested that the two meet and record together.

"Ever since Susan's appearance on Britain's Got Talent my Radio 2 inbox has been flooded with emails," Paige wrote on her website, "It seems her performance has captured the hearts of everyone who saw it, me included ... it looks like I have competition! Perhaps we should record a duet?" [Guardian]

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I was just talking about this with two friends of mine the other night and they were just baffled that it's a big deal. I said that it is a big deal, not because people are so shocked that the "ugly" woman can sing, but because people relate to her—they see themselves in her. Maybe they feel they are not justly recognized or that people don't believe in them, but they can SHINE, damnit.

I'm proud of Susan. Go you, Ms. Boyle!