Eight Glasses of Water a Day Is ‘Nonsense’

Are you one of millions of Americans who looks down with pride at the powerful stream of colorless, translucent fluid flowing out of your body every time your empty your bladder? Who takes great personal satisfaction in knowing you've downed enough bottled water in a single day to satisfy the hydration needs of your average circus elephant? Well, a new study suggests you might be wasting your time. [Gawker]


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A lot of people don't notice when they're dehydrated until it becomes pretty severe, especially if they have a high salt intake, so telling people to drink as often as they need to so that they never feel thirsty doesn't sound like the best idea.

People should be basing their water intake off their urine. Look into the bowl, people. Is your urine medium to dark yellow? Go drink a glass of water. Is your urine light yellow or mostly clear? Congratulations, you're hydrated. Is your urine neon or greenish? Blame the multivitamin. It's really not that hard.

I think a lot of westerners have an aversion to looking into the toilet bowl, but what comes out of your body (both number one and number two) is a pretty good indicator of what's going on inside.