Reda el-Fouly is your average woman who likes to film herself dancing and lip-synching to music. Except she lives in Egypt, where officials deemed her video (below) “too racy,” and so they arrested her for ‘inciting debauchery.’

Reports AP Online:

The clip, a low-budget production entitled “Hands Off,” or “Sib Eddi” in Egyptian Arabic, contains no nudity but plenty of scantily-clad booty shaking by the woman, Reda el-Fouly, who dances to the voice of a singer called Mena.

el-Fouly’s boyfriend, Wael Elsedeki, also appears in the video dancing alongside her; as of now, he’s in Tunisia, where he’s camped out avoiding the arrest that awaits him upon return (if ever again) to Egypt.

Screengrab via YouTube