Egyptian Singer Sentenced to Two Years in Prison Over Music Video in Which She Suggestively Eats Fruit

Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

21-year-old Egyptian pop singer Shaimaa Ahmed, who goes professionally by “Shyma,” was reportedly found guilty on Tuesday of “inciting debauchery” and publishing a lewd film.

According to the Guardian, a Cairo court sentenced Shyma to two years in prison for this crime, and fined her 10,000 pounds. Mohamed Gamal, who directed the video, received the same sentence and both will be given a chance to appeal the ruling.

The video, for which Shyma was arrested on November 18, for her song “I Have Issues,” features the singer eating an apple and a banana in her underwear in front of a classroom of young men. The Guardian characterizes her style of eating as “suggestive.”


The video was discussed widely on social media and talk shows in Egypt, prompting plenty of conservative condemnation.

In a statement released on her Facebook page shortly after the video was posted, Shyma apologized and explained that she was surprised by the public opprobrium.

“I didn’t imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone, as a young singer … who has dreamt from a young age of being a singer,” Shyma wrote. According to the BBC, the post has since been deleted.

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Oh wait...

We came a hair’s breadth away from having the crazy ex-judge who got kicked off the bench twice for injecting his Christian fundamentalism into the law, and who was banned in his thirties from shopping malls and high school football games for trying to get with teenage girls (and whose defenders then cited to the Bible as justification for child rape and molestation), and who has, on multiple occasions, gone on the record to say that this country would be a better place if black folk were slaves, serving in The Most Deliberative Body In The World, who would join a government replete with American Christian fundamentalist nutjobs.