Ed Helms And Michael Bublé Sing A Very Shocking Christmas Carol

Here's an early holiday treat, ladies: Michael Bublé and Ed Helms, rocking holiday sweaters, singing a little holiday song — until the someone's sweater catches fire, forcing him to continue shirtless. What a shame. By the end of the clip, when I realized what I had just watched was a commercial for A Michael Bublé Christmas, I was confused: Is this televised special going to be a showcase for Bublé's comedy stylings? Will there be funny sketches in the same vein as Hamm & Bublé? Or is it going to be a full hour of "Haven't Met You Yet" and "Luck Be A Lady"? If they're promising celebrity cameos, it seems worth tuning in… It can't be any worse than the Very Gilly Christmas special NBC aired last year, right?

[NBC via AOL TV]

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"Hamm and Bublé" remains one of the most underrated SNL skits of all time.