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East of Eden Gets Spruced Up with the Help of Penn Badgley and a Whole Lot of Dick Jokes

The works of John Steinbeck usually call to mind poverty, labor struggles and family drama, a trio of hardships that, while evocative, don't exactly bring the laughs. All that's about to change, however, thanks to the Zachary Quinto-produced short version of East of Eden, a comedic take on the classic novel starring a surprisingly funny Penn Badgley (A.K.A. Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl).


Penn Badgley Spoofs Steinbeck In Zachary Quinto-Produced East Of Eden [Movieline]

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Katie J.M. Baker

I can't figure out if I'm into this because it's actually funny, or if it's because I think Penn Badgley is underrated/attractive, or because East of Eden is one of my favorite books and I love that Zachary Quinto wanted to make a short of it. More Cathy though, pls! Best villain ever.