Early 90s Fashion Was a Treasure Trove of Delightfully Bad Taste

This supercut, lovingly compiled by the folks at WORN Journal, is a loving tribute to the bright hues and the look-at-me pizzazz of early-90s fashions as exemplified by In Living Color, White Men Can't Jump, Do the Right Thing, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Before the decade got all threadbare and dark-toned and grunge, there was pattern and color and Lycra. So much Lycra. Click play to reminisce and I defy you not to nod along to the Fresh Prince theme.


Fly Girls and Fresh Princes [WORN]


Pope Alexander

I feel like mocking the Fresh Prince is a little lacking in political correctness, since it seemed like so much of the style/fashion was meant to act as a kind of "return to black roots."