E-Venge Exploits Megan Meier Suicide

Illustration for article titled emE-Venge/em Exploits Megan Meier Suicide

In a shockingly tasteless move, an independent production company, Rocklin Entertainment, has announced an upcoming film based on the Megan Meier case. It is titled E-Venge.


The film, "inspired by recent events" will center around a grieving mother who "retaliates against those she feels were responsible for her daughter's death." So, not only is this movie a tasteless exploitation of the Meier family's tragedy, but it also entirely rewrites events vigilante-style! However, this is not the first time the Megan Meier case has "inspired" entertainment: an episode of Law & Order: SVU titled "Babes" featured a story line obviously ripped from the headlines of the MySpace Suicide case. There is no release date set yet for E-Venge. Who will play Lori Drew? [Cinema Blend]

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Tacky, tasteless, but so not unexpected. No reason to write an original story when the antics of crazed individuals are constantly available to mine for "entertainment" purposes.