E! Show Sounds a Lot Like Rumors About Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, But Creator Says It's Different

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If a television show in which a male movie star-slash-key player in a cult-like group offers a far less experienced actress a ton of money to be his wife reminds you of the rumors that dogged Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes throughout their seven-year relationship, well how actually dare you! You should be ashamed of yourself for having been reminded or for thinking at all, for that matter. It’s very rude.


According to Deadline, Jonathan Abrahams, the creator of E!’s upcoming scripted series The Arrangement (premiering March 5), told those attending the Television Critics Association winter press tour today that “the series is not inspired by the rumored circumstances surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ ill-fated union, nor is it a takedown of Scientology.”


Abrahams claims the fictional organization to which his protagonist Kyle (Josh Henderson) belongs, the Institute of The Higher Mind, is based on self-help and 12-step programs, and is “not a religion” a la Scientology. According to TV Guide, Abrahams called the series “a truly unique story that takes place in Hollywood.”

Meanwhile, Christine Evangelista, who plays Kyle’s bought woman, says that arranged Hollywood marriage is “certainly a controversial subject, and one we’ve all heard rumors on. It certainly makes for a good television show.” It also made for good tabloid fodder when it supposedly happened over 10 years ago, but you didn’t hear that from me.

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Puh-lease. They’re just trying to avoid the lawsuits and angry thetans that would rain down on them if they mentioned the S word. It’s like an entire series doing the thinly veiled Law & Order rip off.