E. Jean Carroll Says Elle Magazine Fired Her After She Accused Trump of Rape

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E. Jean Carroll, the iconic Elle columnist behind “Ask E. Jean,” has been fired from the magazine after 26 years of contributing.


“Because Trump ridiculed my reputation, laughed at my looks, & dragged me through the mud, after 26 years, ELLE fired me,” Carroll tweeted on Tuesday. “I don’t blame Elle. It was the great honor of my life writing “Ask E. Jean.” I blame @realdonaldtrump.”

The New York Times reports on a court filing filed Tuesday which included an email from Erin Hobday, the executive managing editor of Elle. “We and your readers so appreciate your many years of work for the magazine, and the wonderful columns you contributed to our publication,” Hobday wrote in an email confirming the termination of Carroll’s contract. The magazine will pay Carroll for the five remaining columns in her contract.


For nearly three decades Carroll’s answered reader questions on relationship problems and other troubles in her dryly funny “Ask E. Jean” column. “It is uncouth to ask a lady her age,” she answered once in a question regarding the politeness of asking a woman her age. “It is customary for a woman to reply with as much seriousness as possible: ‘My age? It’s in the same range as the number of hairs on your bald spot. Low twenties.’” The termination of her contract is sort of shocking given the relative stability of her column in the pages of Elle, as print magazines continually revamp mastheads amid declining relevance. As print has lagged behind the speed and tone of the Internet, Carroll’s column never felt dated.

The termination of her contract follows a high-profile war with President Trump, who she accused of rape earlier this year. In doing so, Carroll joined over a dozen other women with similar accusations. Carroll also sued Trump for defamation after he dismissed her accusations saying she “wasn’t his type” and has endured death threats after making her allegation public.

Jezebel has reached out to Elle magazine and will update this post if they respond.



Fuck Elle magazine. E. Jean was one of the best things about it. Glad I no longer read it.

I’m surprised they’re still getting enough business to continue publishing..they’re not a bad magazine at all in terms of content, but their format is very hard to read if you are not twenty years old; the fucking print is so small and they cram so much stuff on one page that I just gave up. If they don’t want older readers..the ones with the money to spend on the things they sell...then they’re doing it right.