'Dump Tower' Is Just the Beginning Of Our New National Trolling Pastime


Before Trump, our national pastimes centered mainly around baseball and Instagram stalking our exes. But as the over-exposed meat bag trundles toward office, it’s time to rededicate our efforts to one oft-overlooked aspect of the resistance: Finding subtle ways to mock and needle him until he implodes with a wet pop, leaving nothing but a pair of gaudy cufflinks and a neglected Twitter account.

Trump’s skin is so thin it makes a baby’s eyelids seem like the callused palms of a cattle rancher. Probing him is satisfying because it provokes a response, which is why we have to spend the next four years doing it all the time. On Saturday, it was discovered that typing “Trump Tower” into Google Maps led you to…

DUMP TOWER! Immature? Sure! Ultimately pointless? Maybe not! Think of Trump’s ego like a giant balloon, full to the point of bursting. We, the American people, are each armed with our own tiny pins, with which we can and must prod that gas-filled balloon at every available opportunity.

A spokesperson from Google Maps told PIX11 the name change from Trump to “Dump” has since been fixed, and issued a highly unnecessary apology for the the alteration.

“Some inappropriate names were surfacing in Google Maps that should not be, and we apologize for any offense this may have caused. Our teams immediately took action and have fixed the issue,” the spokesperson said.

The words “Trump Tower” were also briefly transliterated to Cyrillic, which is a cute touch.

The Daily News reports that Google allows users to edit roads, businesses and other landmarks in their Map Maker service, but that changes are generally reviewed and approved by moderators. This implies that “Dump Tower” was either created by a Google employee herself, or simply allowed to slide in solidarity.

Fight the good fight—fight for abortion access, for Standing Rock, for the rights of immigrants. But when the opportunity arises, do what you can to undermine this bigoted charlatan’s bloated, oozing ego—precisely because he hates it.

Baby Hands has yet to fuss over the incident on Twitter.

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