Dumb Enough to Hold Your IPad in Front Of a Dolphin? You Deserve to Lose It

Today’s MVP is this dolphin, who wins a gold medal for stealing an iPad from a Sea World patron and then frolicking and splashing with celebratory glee.


Fox 11 reports that the mischief occurred over the weekend, when a dolphin grabbed an iPad out of the hands of a woman standing by the tank. If you blink you’ll miss it, but the dolphin clearly did not have to extend itself far to procure the device.

In brief: Dolphins are smart, pals. Don’t dangle expensive toys in front of their faces.

Sea World season pass holder Kuadiel Gomez shot the video, which catches the iPad snatch at the very beginning and then follows the dolphin as it delights in its victory. A Sea World employee remarks, “As you can see, the dolphins can reach your loose items.”

All that said, what are any of you doing at Sea World anyway? Have you seen Blackfish? Shame on you, and may dolphins drown all of your respective iPads.


Unabashed Appliantologist

“So long and thanks for the IPAD “~Dolphin