Art thou bored? Well, here's a thing you aren't doing right now! It's a new activity (4 boyz!) called "stretching your gym shorts out into a sexy one-shouldered dress and then taking a picture of yourself posing like a speakeasy chanteuse." Why not give it a try?

One enterprising redditor came up with the idea last night and posted a photo of himself to r/funny. Just in time for New York Fashion Week, a new sartorial sensation was born.


Here's how it works: Get a pair of gym shorts. Put both of your legs into one of the legs of the gym shorts. Pull the other leg up over your shoulder, so that it acts as a sleeve and the waistband stretches diagonally across your chest. Adjust the waistband to obscure your nipple (optional). Twerk probably, if I know anything about the internet.

Here's one hazard to keep in mind, via the Daily Dot:

"I just had to explain to my wife that the reason I ripped my new shorts was being I was trying to turn them into a dress," citizenshame commented.

I have to say, srsly, this is kind of a good look. Not even lying.