Dude Wears Jared Leto Wig for a Week, Discovers He Isn't Jared Leto

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Honestly, I don't totally get the current pop-cultural obsession with Jared Leto's center-part ombre—he just looks like the same ridiculous doe-eyed Elven king he's always been, but with fractionally longer hair that is blonder in some places. Have we not seen a man with long hair before? Is this really that different from this? Am I an unbearable sourpuss? RHETORICAL QUESTION DO NOT ANSWER IT.


Much like the rest of the entire world except me, one Will Stephen—an admittedly non-golden-god average guy-dude—caught ombre-fever, and he decided to see if he could manifest some of that Leto-power in his own life.

For one full week, Stephen strapped an unconvincing Leto pelt to his head, shrugged into a jean jacket, and then basically just wandered around New York trying to bang chicks. As an "experiment." The results ranged from, "Hi," to "Dude, why are you wearing a wig?" Zero chicks were banged. The hair, as it turns out, doesn't make the man. (Should've put together a Leto script too, imo. If a dude in a bad wig came up to me and asked, "Are you Brain?" PANTIES WOULD BE ABOLISHED.)

My favorite part, via the Cut:

My first stop was the Williamsburg beer hall Spritzenhaus. Two cute girls sat at the bar, nursing glasses of wine. After the guys hitting on them finally gave up and split, one of the girls leaned in toward me.

"Excuse me, why are you wearing a wig?"

"…Uh, I'm not."

"Yes you are, we saw you adjusting it. Just so you know – we thought it was real, and defended you."

"What? How?"

"Those guys approached us and said, 'Hey don't you think that guy's hair fuckin' sucks?' And I said, 'No, he just seems like a fancy man.'"

He Just Seems Like a Fancy Man: A Life, the autobiography of Jared Leto.



Long hair is one of those things that make an attractive man 5x more attractive and an unattractive man 5x less attractive. It' a multiplier. Like, let's talk about Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. Partly because he also blesses our eyes with supple golden locks, but mostly because there's never a bad time to talk about Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall.