​Dude Tries To Win Back Estranged Wife With an iPhone 6

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A man in England waited in line for an iPhone 6 for two whole days in a desperate attempt to win back his wife, who left him recently after 20 years of marriage. Something tells me if 20 years of marriage can't keep a couple together, a shiny new toy probably won't either.


41-year-old Darius Wlodarski stood in line outside the Bristol Apple store on Wednesday to make sure he would walk away with a brand new iPhone 6 (on Friday) for his wife who left him a month ago. Via Bristol Post:

He said: "I bought her an iPhone 5 two years ago and she was delighted.

"She told me she would like an iPhone 6 because it had a bigger screen but realised we could not afford it but still, I want to buy it for her."


Wlodarski is not working for the time being due to health problems, which just adds more stress to the situation. I get that it's a purchase done out of love and whatnot, and that it's a big sacrifice to undertake for the purpose of winning someone back, but a helluva lot of marital issues stem from financial strain. Just saying.

He said: "Since we split up, I have realised that I was not a very good father or husband.

"I am very happy to get something she will like but for me, it is a sad day.

"I hope I can convince her I could be a good father and husband."

I personally think that putting a broken relationship back together requires lots of open communication and honesty and potentially therapy, (and that going out and buying an expensive new thing only displaces the issue) but who knows? Maybe this is just how Wlodarski and his wife communicate, and maybe making a reckless investment is enough to prove himself. Or maybe iOS 8 comes with a marriage/family-fixing app.

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Team Rocket Grunt

What an incredibly romantic gesture. I wonder what song he'll go with during the reveal.