At first we thought this video of Arvin Shandiz proposing to Alexandra Williams, who he met on a Delta Air Lines shuttle, was adorable. However, after hearing the flight attendant's announcement at the end of the video, we're just cranky. Why do we always wind up on flights with stinky dudes and unruly children rather than cute couples who want to buy everyone a drink?


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Public proposals always weird me out slightly, because I have no idea what perspective the two parties are coming from. I mean, if the marriage proposal is long-expected and has already been discussed, good on them, and congrats. If the woman isn't expecting it, though, it seems kind of coercive. If you haven't talked about the possibility of marriage with someone, you should do so first in a private, neutral environment where they have the ability to actually talk about it, set a timeline (short or long), or even say no. There's also this weird aspect of "Look everyone, I have chosen a woman! Let all men see that she is mine and that her existence is now valid before man and God!" that kind of rubs me the wrong way.

I am totally unromantic, I know.