Duck Dynasty Scion Sadie Roberston Praises HIM for Her Rumba

On Tuesday night, Sadie Robertson (of the Duck Dynasty Robertsons) performed a pretty impressive rumba on Dancing with the Stars. But first, she took some time to thank the man upstairs, posting on Instagram: "ALL glory to God for this amazing journey." That amazing journey being, of course, her participation in Dancing with the Stars.

Via the Christian Post, your number-one source for Christian entertainment news:


That Instagram link is a screencap of a Bible verse typed into somebody's phone:

Illustration for article titled emDuck Dynasty/em Scion Sadie Roberston Praises HIM for Her Rumba

Evangelism! It ain't just Paul dashing off notes to the Corinthians anymore!

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I first read the headline thinking you meant this kind of Roomba:

And was like, well yeah, it's a ROBOT VACUUM.