Duchess Kate Dares Wear the Same Thing More Than Once

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Yesterday, Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, two wealthy British people who are very important and thus worthy of consideration, were married. Princess Duchess Shinylocks Kate attended and dared wear the same coat she wore five years ago.


Thankfully, The Daily Mail was there to document her Unforgivable Clothing Sin.

But as she arrived at Canonbury Kirk for Zara Phillips' wedding this afternoon wearing a dress that has rested in her wardrobe for more than five years, it sent out the clear message that Kate has no desire to act as Royal clothes horse - nor did she wish to turn Zara's big day into a fashion parade.

But that wasn't the only time Kate dared reuse clothing!

It is the second time this weekend that Kate has broken out a trusty favourite. At the pre-wedding cocktail party yesterday, Kate chose to wear a green Diane Von Furstenberg dress she had worn previously at a reception during her and William, the Duke of Cambridge's, tour of Los Angeles earlier this month.
In an attempt to make the outfit look different, Kate teamed it with a pair of black patent heels - in contrast to the nude court shoes she accessorised it with last time.

There are also some helpful side-by-side comparisons exposing just how often the newly minted royal rewears.

Wearing a Dian Von Furstenberg dress only once seems like more of a travesty than wearing the same Diane Von Furstenberg dress every single day of your life, but what do I know? I'm not attuned to the fashion expectations of the British Press, nor do I understand the appeal of only wearing an outfit once. Unless the clothing is made of self-destructing tissue paper, most of it is meant to be laundered, pressed and donned again, perhaps in a different configuration, right?


If this is a concern for the royal family, Kate could easily avoid future rewearings by declaring fashion prima nocta on all clothing that's to be sold in the UK, but I hope that's not necessary. There's no shame in being sensible with fashion! I can only imagine the commentary that I'd get if I had photographers following me around. There'd be pages and pages of me wearing the same jean shorts and red windbreaker. "Doesn't she have any other clothes?!" the headlines would implore. Yes, but they're all dirty.

Haven't we seen that outfit somewhere before? Kate turns up to Zara's wedding in a coat she last wore in 2006 [Daily Mail]



Have you noticed since the wedding she's less "Shiny Locks" and more "Dull Patina Strands?" The trip to California really did a number on her hair when she was introduced to tropical climate and extreme humidity. Since Kate's like us common folk, she'll probably pop into Boots and get a bottle of PanteneĀ®. Duchesses, they're just like us!