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Dubai Women Are Wearing Bumpits Under Hijabs: 'Camel Humps'

Illustration for article titled Dubai Women Are Wearing Bumpits Under Hijabs: Camel Humps

Women in Dubai are taking a cue from Jersey Shore (where else to take your cues from?) and placing Bumpits under their hijabs. The look is called "Camel Humps." Initially it came into vogue as a technique to hold the scarves in place, but it's now become a sort of status symbol/female rebellion. The video also features a hijab with spiked shoulder pads.

[WSJ via The Cut/NY Mag]

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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!

I have a couple scarfs and ninja caps from a modesty store for when I'm cat burgeling.... I mean, having a bad hair day. Very cute :)

This Tutorial is hilarious, the girl is awesome.