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DSK Says He Was Just Trying To Kiss, Not Rape, French Writer

Illustration for article titled DSK Says He Was Just Trying To Kiss, Not Rape, French Writer

Oh, that's fine then: Dominique Strauss-Kahn told French police he was just trying to kiss writer Tristiane Banon, who has accused him of attempted rape. A source familiar with the investigation told a French magazine,

According to him, when she came to interview him in February 2003, he tried to kiss her thinking she was consenting. He said Tristane Banon rejected his advances, so he didn't insist and she left quite normally.

She, on the other hand, says he forced her to the floor and she had to kick and punch to get away. DSK hasn't yet been charged in France, but even his own account makes him sound pretty sleazy.

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Lucky Frog

I think that for DSK, consent is something you evaluate after the fact. Where you or I would hold off on initiating sex with that random individual, he's likely to latch on and start thrusting. If they submit to his lust, they have consented. If they successfully fight him off and escape to freedom, he does not insist and allows them to leave quite normally.