Drunk Woman Slips And Ends Up Under A Train

Usually you hear about how dangerous drunk driving is, but it turns out riding the train drunk can also be hazardous to your health. Check out this crazy video of a heavily intoxicated woman in England who steps off a train, falls, and then somehow manages to roll underneath the train. The footage was released by British police in an effort to remind travelers not to get too drunk while celebrating this holiday season. Luckily the woman is okay — just cuts and bruises — because some alert person spotted her go down and prevented her from getting flattened. Here's your new mantra for holiday parties: Friends don't let friends drink and ride the rails.
Drunk Woman Falls Beneath Train At Barnsley Station [BBC, TelegraphTV]


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When I was in London, I noticed the huge gaps between the train and platform at some stations. Maybe they should do something about it.