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Drug Store Refuses To Sell Plan B To A Man Because Men Can't Get Pregnant, Silly

Illustration for article titled Drug Store Refuses To Sell Plan B To A Man Because Men Cant Get Pregnant, Silly

Drug store chain CVS has issued an apology to a man who says he was denied access to Plan B and a pregnancy test because he lacks a uterus. By this logic, women shouldn't be allowed to buy men's razors, condoms, or Gold Bond powder, unless they can produce evidence that the Gold Bond powder is not to be used on balls.


The Houston Press reports that the man, Isaac Kurtz, was just trying to be a good dude by going to the drug store to gather Pregnancy Freak Out supplies for his homebound ladyfriend. When he asked the pharmacist for emergency contraception, the pharmacist refused to sell it to him, saying that due to her "personal beliefs," she wouldn't sell the drug to men. She asked to speak to the woman, and Kurtz left emptyhanded.

CVS says its company policy doesn't restrict sale of Plan B based on gender and complies with FDA regulations regarding the sale of the drug.


Kurtz said he'd bought both Plan B and pregnancy tests at that particular store before without issue, which is maybe not something you'd want to tell a newspaper unless you want a future google search of your name to reveal that you're a repeat buyer of pregnancy tests and Plan B. Your future girlfriend's parents, who have just discovered the internet, will freak out about that shit.

CVS refused to sell a man morning after pregnancy pill [Houston Press]

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Mais Pourquoi?

I don't believe someone with a hole in their throats should still buy a pack of cigarettes, but I've still sold them to people with holes in their throats.

I don't agree with a lot of my elderly customers when they go into rants about how Obama is ruining the country, but I still bring them food.

I couldn't believe that half of the frat bros I checked books out to in college ever wrote their own papers, but I still gave them the books they were looking for.

I did all of these things because they were all parts of JOBS I willingly applied for.

If you're a pharmacist, do your job and give people the medication they request. If it really bothers you that much to dispense birth control and emergency contraception (which, dare I say, is probably most of your business after high blood pressure medication) then don't become a phucking pharmacist.