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Drinking Wine in the Shower Is EASY

Illustration for article titled Drinking Wine in the Shower Is EASY
Image: Urban Outfitters

Finally, a product that addresses the age-old question: How do I take a shower without diluting my Malbec?


The Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder is sold by Urban Outfitters and it is here to enable you. What it features: a wine holder that is waterproof, a silicon backing that will adhere to the slick surface of your shower wall, a $15 price tag. What it does not feature: wine glasses, a cigarette lighter, a human holder-upper.

I’m still not totally convinced the wine won’t get wet. I’m coming from a place of having a shower head that gushes an uneven, chaotic stream of warm, drink-ruining water. But moist wine is better than drenched wine and I’m just trying to get through the morning.


The good news: if the wine holder doesn’t perform, bathrooms are still all surfaces, take your pick!

contributing writer, nights

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I mean, I just use a coffee tumbler, like this one:

✔️ Insulated, so my wine doesn’t get hot

✔️ Seals tights to keep water out

✔️ Won’t shatter into small foot shredding pieces if (when, definitely when) I drop it

✔️ cheap ($9.99 on amazon)