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Drew Peterson's Fiancee Moves Out And Hopefully On

Illustration for article titled Drew Petersons Fiancee Moves Out And Hopefully On

Drew Peterson's latest fiancee, Christina Raines, has called it quits with the shady ex-cop, moving out of his home as cameras looked on. "Drew did tell me it's over," Peterson's publicist says. Run, Christina! Run![MSNBC]


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I am happy she got her wits about her and she is still alive, BUT

I really, really want to know what it was brought her to this point.

Hmmm...killed his previous wife ..not a deterrent

An entire nation fearing for your safety? Nope, that wasn't it

They determined that his other wife was murdered? He says he didn't do it.

Could it have been toilet seat issues? He doesn't like "Real Housewives of Orange County"? His mother is moving in with them?