Drew It Yourself (With Some Help From Bobby Flay and Puppies)

It was DIY Week on The Drew Barrymore Show. They didn’t pun Barrymore’s name for this one, so I gladly took up their missed opportunity in the headline of this post. Barrymore wrestled with a can opener, told a story about opting for painting a patio instead of tiling it (though, as she eventually revealed, she employed help for that renovation and did not, in fact, do it herself), rethought her position on orecchiette, and revealed a new host of things she loves (crystals, elevators that go to the 13th floor, raw onion, and whipping her friends with Red Vines, among them). Also, there were puppies.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



Drew seriously needs to fire her wardrobe person, especially if she’s doing that job herself. That’s all I can think whenever I see a picture of her.