Drew Barrymore Refuses To Let Her Children Act Until They're 18

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I love Drew Barrymore. She always seems so unrelentingly cool with a refreshing and healthy dose of off-her-rocker. She is IDGAF at its finest. She was such a hero growing up, so it's interesting to see her in the motherhood role, trying to figure out how to shelter her kids, but not too much. Apparently, the best place to start is not letting her kids act until they're 18:

''E.T.' was the best thing that ever happened to me because it changed the course of my life. I didn't have family and home and structure, so the world of film gave me that framework.

''But it's different for my children. They are going to have everything they need.

''I can't wait to show them 'E.T.' and the 'Charlie's Angels' movies, so they can see girls having fun with each other and being capable, not competitive.''


Goddammit I love her. [Contact Music]

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Hold on, Kim Kardashian had a bridal shower?! Not only is this her third marriage, she is also rich as shit. Did she have a registry and gifts? I seriously cannot believe this. If celebrities are people too, how do they not have disapproving aunts who try to keep them from being so tacky?