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Dress Your Guinea Pig for Every Occasion!

Illustration for article titled Dress Your Guinea Pig for Every Occasion!

Are you a guinea pig? Do you ever feel just utterly frustrated with your lack of wardrobe? Don't you just want to wear clothes and flick your weave out of your guinea pig face like the humans do?


Fret not, you unclothed, smelly little creature. If your little paws can manage a Mac trackpad well enough, a Tokyo-based website called Guinea Pig Fashion (obviously) has everything you could dream about and more. Now you'll have something to wear to Booger and Butter Butt's wedding next month. Going naked is always an option for this summer's Pride Parades, but why not get a cute rainbow tank? And now you can finally go blond! You've been talking about doing that since March!!

[Daily Mail]

Images via Guinea Pig Fashion

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My girl guineas never really smelled like anything but hay, but I think the boy I have now has scent glands. it's not a bad smell, but definitely a smell.
I like him best after giving him a bath. I don't think he'd be thrilled about any of these clothing options. He's much more of a traditional guinea faux-hawk wearer, but it's natural.

somewhere in the bowels of the internet, there must exist a video of "Don't You Wish Your Cavy Was Hot Like Me"