Drake, Still Evidently Head Over Heels, Dons Rihanna-Patterned Socks

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Somewhere between knocking Rihanna’s socks off and putting his foot in his mouth, Drake has posted this picture of himself wearing RihannaxStance on his feet.


In case you can’t quite make it out, knitted into the fiber of Drake’s sartorial being is an image of Rihanna from her “Work” video, a reminder, no doubt, of happier times for the rapper, when Rihanna was taking breaks from watching herself dance in the mirror to grind on him a little bit.

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Feel like punching something a lot of the time these days? Watch this video instead? Get a gym membership, a boxing class Groupon, some earbuds, crank the Bon Jovi all the way up?


Miranda Kerr hoards crystal in her bra, and I was gobsmacked when I misread the headlines (or read exactly what I wanted into them), but it’s not as bad as it sounds, quite the opposite, in fact. The crystals are made of rose quartz, for one thing, plus they’re heart-shaped and chakra-adjacent. The crystals Kerr keeps in her bras, and handbag, and sometimes just holds in her hands, inspire self-love and “have healing and protecting powers.” Perhaps Drake would like to stash one in his new socks.


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Jane Fonda’s Beverly Hills mansion is now technically a bargain. [Page Six]

i saw that! great place, great history, great location and would seriously cut down on my commute. i guess the only thing preventing me from making an offer is that i don’t have that enough money.