Dr. Luke went on an ill-advised Twitter tirade on Monday afternoon, addressing the lawsuit filed by his former protégé Kesha. On February 19th, a judge denied Kesha’s request for a preliminary injunction, ruling that the artist is still contractually tied to Dr. Luke despite her sexual assault claims against him.

Following Judge Shirley Kornreich’s decision, many musicians have spoken out in support of Kesha and Taylor Swift recently donated $250,000 as a “show of support” for the pop star.


On Twitter, Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, claimed that he did not rape Kesha nor did he ever have sex with her. He suggested that Kesha’s lawyer cannot seriously care about women’s rights because he once represented Chris Brown and that “any sane person” is against rape.

He attempted to bolster his side of the story using screenshots of TMZ stories about Kesha denying that he date raped her and Lady Gaga—who expressed her support for Kesha via Twitter—also denying that Kesha was raped by Dr. Luke.

Gottwald added that because he was raised by a “feminist mom” and has a sister and daughter, he couldn’t possibly rape anyone—because we all know that logic is ironclad.


All in all, it’s a doozy and another excellent example of: “never tweet.” He ended the rant noting that because case is ongoing, he won’t be speaking out further. Ironically, Dr. Luke’s diatribe comes after his legal team accused Kesha of conducting a “trial by Twitter.”

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