Dr. Luke Sues Kesha's Lawyer For Accusing Him of Raping Lady Gaga

The best way to keep your faith in human decency intact is to stay, far far away from the latest developments in the Dr. Luke/Kesha lawsuit saga. Every single day the story gets uglier and sadder and is always accompanied by a lawsuit of some sort.

Last week, during an interview with Howard Stern, Lady Gaga opened up about being raped by a record producer when she was just 19 years old. Lady Gaga did not want to identify the person in question, which fueled speculation about who exactly the alleged rapist was.


As the New York Post's Page Six points out, rumors of Dr. Luke being the person who allegedly raped her began to swirl after Kesha's attorney Mark Geragos tweeted a question inviting people to "guess who the rapist was."


According to the lawsuit, the hashtag "#namethepervert" was also used in Geragos' exchange with Twitter users. E Online has screencaps of the exchanges in question (also seen on the left).


According to the Los Angeles Times, a follower tweeted Dr. Luke's name and Geragos tweeted back. #bingo. Immediately afterwards, Lady Gaga issued a strong denial that it was Dr. Luke who was the producer, according to TMZ.

Following the allegations made against him by Geragos, Dr. Luke filed a lawsuit. Here is what Dr. Luke had to say in his lawsuit against Geragos, via Page Six.

"Fueled by his insatiable desire for attention and malice towards [Luke], Geragos and his law firm have now made the horrific, outrageous and maliciously false assertion that [Luke] raped the world famous musical artist Lady Gaga," the lawsuit states. "This time, Geragos has gone way too far with his arrogant and irresponsible conduct; he has lost all sense of ethics, propriety and decency."


[Page Six]

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