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Dr. Luke Asks New York Judge to Release Kesha's Private Medical Records

Illustration for article titled Dr. Luke Asks New York Judge to Release Keshas Private Medical Records

In May 10 court filings, Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald) has demanded to see the the medical records of Kesha, his former collaborator who alleges that Dr. Luke sexually abused her.


According to Page Six, Dr. Luke’s lawyers argue that “the singer ‘unambiguously waived’ any therapist-patient privilege when she tried to break her recording contract citing ‘physical, emotional and sexual trauma inflicted by Mr. Gottwald.’”

Kesha’s legal team counters that any release of medical records could cause irreparable future harm to sexual assault victims seeking medical treatment and that patient/doctor or patient/therapist confidentiality agreements are in place to guard “a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings.”


Currently, the U.S. government allows the release of protected health information by HIPAA-covered health care providers in the case of a court order. The Manhattan judge presiding over Dr. Luke and Kesha’s legal battle has yet to rule.

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This will ensure any woman who considers reporting a sexual assault remains in her terrified silence for all eternity.

Which is always the goal.