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Dozens of High School Students Suspended For Twerking

The only thing more ridiculous than suspending dozens of high schoolers for making a twerking video is listening to news anchors explain the definition of "twerking."


NBC San Diego's team does its best to decipher Kids These Days ("For those unfamiliar with the trend, twerking involves popping of the hips in a suggestive dance move") to report on the Scripps Ranch High School student in San Diego, California who made a video of 32 teens twerking it and doing handstands to a YG song for a media class. The director posted it to YouTube, and as a result, all 33 kids were suspended and banned from prom or commencement, since the Scripps Ranch HS student handbook prohibits “verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting.” The 2013 guide will likely involve "twerking" now that everyone's familiarized themselves with the term.

“Suspended, banned from prom, and prevented from walking at graduation all because of an awesome twerk video. I don't understand," tweeted one twerked-out student. Another suggested that everyone on campus twerk at lunch in support, adding the hashtag #freethetwerk team.


However, one teen told NBC that the punishment might not be as severe as first thought: “The seniors involved are on senior review and have to ask for their prom and graduation back in front of a panel." May twerking prevail.

[NBC 7]

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Those girls can't twerk worth shit lol

This is how you TWERK!!